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Legal & Financial information

We are a charity and have been for very many years. However, we fall into a category of charities that do not have to register with the charity commission, so you won’t find us listed on their website.

We are an excepted charity because we are a church with income of less than £100k per year. Legally speaking, in every other respect we are just like any other charity. Our HMRC charity number is: X754750 and is totally equivalent to a normal charity number issued by the charity commission.

Find out more about excepted charities.

As a charity, we can claim back basic rate tax that you have paid on any donation you make to us. If you choose to donate, and are a UK taxpayer, please consider making a gift aid declaration.

Since we are an excepted charity, we do not have to publish our accounts. Having said that, we certainly have nothing to hide! Email us if you have any financial questions.

We are an independent church and don’t have access to big pots of cash from a massive organisation somewhere. We occasionally receive grant funding for specific projects, but basically everything we do is paid for by the members of our church.